Do It Yourself Patio Cover

Patio Covers

Before my house had no shade. Since Patio Guy installed our new Solid Patio, I've been able to enjoy our beautiful backyard in the cool relaxing shade.

— Joyce Bell, Temecula, CA

If you have your own idea or design on how your patio cover should look like, then our do-it-yourself patio covers are perfect for you. We offer high-quality Alumawood patio covers that you can use to create your own patio. Get in touch with our Alumawood Contractors to discuss your design and ideas, and we will make sure to build them according to your liking.

Patio Guy also specializes in constructing separate areas that give full shade to your outdoor furniture while protecting them from the elements. Better still, you get these benefits without compromising natural lighting and ventilation.

We offer a wide variety of lighting options for your Alumawood DIY patio project. Choose from spotlights to fiber optics, low voltage, rope lighting, and post lights, and add more ventilation for a cooler patio with ceiling fans. With our selection of patio design features, you'll never run out of ideas to add more character and distinctive style to your outdoor area.

Being experts in constructing Alumawood patio covers, we have more than 20 years of experience in the construction field. Our Class B Generals license enables our contractors to work without substitutes and middlemen, so we can significantly reduce our prices. But we don’t only let you save money – we also save you time by ensuring that your patio fast, usually within just one day.

If you need further assistance about your DIY patio cover, simply get in touch with our Alumawood contractors. You can also get started on your own by keeping in mind these tips:

  1. Select the style: solid, lattice, or a combination of both.

  2. Decide how you would like the patio cover to be attached. The options we offer are either attached to the wall, freestanding, rooftop type, or fascia type.

  3. Get the measurements of the area where you would like to have the patio installed.

  4. Contact the code enforcement agency of building department in your town, city, or state to find out about the requirements on wind factor, B or C exposure, live load or ground snow load, and the property line setbacks.

  5. Fill out the form in our website for a price quote or call our customer service team at 951-333-0056.